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Cyber Risk

CIRMA is introducing a portfolio of resources to help members understand and manage the issues surrounding rapidly evolving cyber risks. CIRMA has partnered with a number of leading cyber security organizations to develop and distribute cyber security tools to help its members prevent, avoid, and respond to cyber threats. The new portfolio of tools complement CIRMA’s Cyber Liability Insurance program, introduced in 2016-17. Cyber risks, while often serious and sometimes unfamiliar, can be managed through appropriate risk management techniques and specialized insurance programs. Download CIRMA's new Cyber Security - PDF whitepaper.

Visit the CIRMA Cyber Risk Resources page for current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and U.S. Homeland Security.

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Prevent Sprains & Strains this Summer

Sprains and strains related injuries continue to be a leading cause of loss to municipal and school employees. In the past five years over 11,000 such claims were reported by CIRMA members.
While the financial and morale loss is high, the personal costs to the injured employees is often higher, with many left in chronic pain or permanently disabled.

The good news is that there are many effective steps that municipal and school leaders can do to protect employees.

To help members reduce the incidence of sprain and strain injuries, CIRMA has created a range of resources to increase awareness of ways to avoid these types of injuries, including E-Learning Center programs, Regional Training Programs, posters, training kits, and videos. Visit our Sprains & Strains Prevention page for resources and more information.

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CT Tree Wardens Association's Recommendations for Emerald Ash Borer Response

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Connecticut, and the State's Urban Forestry Coordinator at the DEEP expects that within the next few years all untreated trees will succumb to damage caused by the emerald ash borer. The consensus is that:

 - The emerald ash borer is inevitable,
 - It will kill the tree, and
 - Once the tree is damaged or dead, it poses a significant risk for causing damage or injury.

CIRMA recommends that municipalities deal with infested trees sooner, rather than later to reduce the cost of tree removal and greatly reduce the potential loss.

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The Connecticut Tree Wardens Association has made available a number of resources on the emerald ash borer so that municipal leaders and Tree Wardens can plan for the removal of damaged trees from municipal property. Details on the emerald ash borer are avaliable at:

 > Slowing the Spread of the Emerald Ash Borer - CT-Gov/DEEP
 > Identification of the Emerald Ash Borer - CT-Gov/DEEP
 > Emerald Ash Borer Information Network

The DEEP has also prepared a background paper on the likely costs associated with dealing with this insect.

Warm Weather Exposures

The summer months bring a different set of risk management concerns to municipal and public school leaders. CIRMA has developed a portfolio of resources to help municipal and school leaders prepare their staff and property for the warm weather, including:

 - Tick bites and Tick-borne diseases page.
 - Summer Camp Counselor Safety Orientation and Summer Maintenance Safety Training Kits, ordered through our Learning Media Library.
 - Preventing Overexertion Injuries 2017 and Preventing Sprain & Strain Injuries for Municipal Employees Training and Education Programs.
 - Dealing with Heat Stress
and Work Zone Safety for Local Governments E-Learning Center programs.
Aquatics Safety Training and Education program and the Aquatics Safety Best Practice Guide--order the guide through our Learning Media Library.
 - Summer Maintenance Tips for Schools handout.

Excellence in Risk Management Awards

CIRMA members’ risk management achievements have played a major part in creating the financially strong, stable, and innovative organization that CIRMA is today. In 2016 CIRMA created its Excellence in Risk Management Award program to honor those members that have demonstrated outstanding risk management leadership and results. The application process allows members to nominate their own or another member’s program.

Know of a risk management program that has made a big difference? Be a champion for the team that made it happen! Download a copy of the Awards Application! Completed applications will be accepted beginning August 1st through September 30th. To learn more, please visit the Excellence in Risk Management Awards Page.

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CIRMA's Employment Practices Liability Helpline

Employment practices law is changing rapidly and is more complex than ever. CIRMA's Liability-Auto-Property (LAP) members have a new resource for expert advice about employment practices liability. CIRMA has partnered with FordHarrison, the nation’s preeminent law firm specializing in employment and labor law, to provide its LAP members convenient access to legal advice on employment practices via the Helpline program.  

“The Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Helpline is designed to provide municipal and public school officials –- especially those who may not otherwise have direct access to Human Resource services or specialized legal advice --with an expert source of guidance on employment practices,” said David Demchak, President and CEO, CIRMA. The EPL Helpline provides access to one hour of legal advice per month for no charge to CIRMA LAP members. The attorneys at FordHarrison will respond to CIRMA LAP members' questions within one business day. Download the flyer.

For the Helpline phone number and additional information, please visit the EPL Helpline page.

CIRMA's E-Learning Center

Visit our E-Learning Center to view our expanded list of courses and view our on-demand Webinar for a comprehensive overview of our CIRMA E-Learning Center, including information on how to track employee training, create certificates, build training reports, and more. Employee training is one of the most important parts of your risk management program. CIRMA's  E-Learning Center extends the reach of our Risk Management Training & Education programs, enabling employees and managers to learn important safety and risk management topics -- when and where their work schedule demands, from any computer or mobile device with internet access. CIRMA's E-Learning program is provided free to all CIRMA members. Register your employees now so that they can take advantage of this important training opportunity. Watch your email inbox for news and information or contact us for more information on registration. Download the brochure.

Workers' Compensation Pool Members: Report Claims Online

System Upgrade:  The Netclaim portal will undergo system maintenance on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Because we are modifying the protocols that allow you to create a secure connection with your NetClaim portal, some older browsers will no longer be able to connect, resulting in loading or connection issues and an error message indicating that the browser cannot display the page or there is a problem accessing the site. Supported browsers are: Internet Explorer: v11 (with continued support of v10).

Please note: Please report ALL non-catastrophic claims online. To register to report claims online, please contact Sean Gaffney.

The ease-of-use and speed of our NetClaim.net reporting system helps assure that our claims teams receives accurate, timely information about the claim to help achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the CIRMA Training page to register for CIRMA's Workers' Compensation Online Reporting Training sessions!