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Prevent Slips & Falls this Winter

Winter, and its heightened risk of slip and fall injuries on slippery surfaces, is here. Winter's icy conditions, shorter daylight hours, and tracked-in snow all combine to cause a seasonal jump of almost 62% in the number of slip and fall accidents over the yearly average for CIRMA members.

Last year CIRMA members experienced a total of 1,667 slip and fall injuries with severity totaling almost $10.3 million. The cost to CIRMA members is large, and the personal loss to the injured employee or visitor can be severe.

Slip and fall injuries are common and costly, but they can be prevented. CIRMA's Slip and Fall Awareness programs are intended to build awareness of the simple steps that municipal and school leaders, as well as individual employees, can take to reduce the risk.

For municipal and school facilities staff, CIRMA has assembled a range of training programs, training kits, and online resources to help them implement best practices to reduce the hazards in buildings and outside walkways. Visit our Slip & Fall Prevention page for more information on how to reduce the risk to employees and visitors.

Because every employee is at risk of a slip and fall accident, CIRMA will also focus on the simple habits everyone can adopt to reduce their chance of a slip and fall accident, as well as other ways individuals can improve their agility, balance, and strength to reduce their risk of injury. Medical experts say that one of the most effective prevention strategies, especially among older people, are agility training, strength-balance exercises and the development of muscle strength.

Look for more information and eblasts in the weeks ahead. CIRMA encourages its members to post these eblast on their websites and Facebook pages to help us get this important message out.

December & January are CIRMA's Slip & Fall Prevention months!


Wear Treaded Shoes and Boots Poster. Download


Winter weather risk management resources

CIRMA has assembled a range of cold weather protection resources to help members protect their property resources and keep their operations running smoothly, including:

  - Snow Plow Safety Training Sessions - See our Training Schedule for a list of upcoming sessions

  - HSB's Boiler Checklist and Maintenance logs - See our Boiler Maintenance page

  - CIRMA's Cold Weather Property Protection Page

  - CIRMA's Winter Storm Preparation page.

- On-Demand Webinars- View Anytime!

    Snow Loading - Webinar

    Frozen Pipes WEBINAR

Employment Practices Liability Helpline -- New Contact number!

CIRMA's Employment Practices Liability Helpline phone number changed effective January 2, 2018, but the service's expert legal assistance and fast response to CIRMA members' employment practices questions will stay the same. And, as before, there is no charge to CIRMA Liability-Auto-Property pool members for the service! CIRMA has partnered with Rose Kallor, LLP, a leading Connecticut law firm with a focus on employment and labor law. For the Helpline phone number and additional information, please visit the EPL Helpline page.

"For a government employer, the most effective legal service provider is the one who enables proactive resolution of employment and labor relations issues—before such issues manifest into legal disputes. Even for the most experienced municipal manager faced with a complex issue, a brief telephone call to a municipal employment law specialist may mean the difference between a high risk adverse action—and a measured decision that mitigates legal risk. That telephone call is all the more sensible when the effective legal advice is being provided without charge. CIRMA’s Employment Practices Liability Helpline provides that peace of mind. Through the CIRMA Employment Practices Liability Helpline the Town of Rocky Hill has benefited from convenient access to employment practice specialists, free of charge, who provided substantive guidance on a host of municipal employment matters."

Dana McGee
Director of Human Resources & Legal Compliance
Town of Rocky Hill

CIRMA's E-Learning Center

Visit our E-Learning Center to view our expanded list of courses and view our on-demand Webinar for a comprehensive overview of our CIRMA E-Learning Center, including information on how to track employee training, create certificates, build training reports, and more. Employee training is one of the most important parts of your risk management program. CIRMA's  E-Learning Center extends the reach of our Risk Management Training & Education programs, enabling employees and managers to learn important safety and risk management topics -- when and where their work schedule demands, from any computer or mobile device with internet access. CIRMA's E-Learning program is provided free to all CIRMA members. Register your employees now so that they can take advantage of this important training opportunity. Watch your email inbox for news and information or contact us for more information on registration. Download the brochure.

CIRMA & HSB - Equipment Operations & Efficiency Tools for Schools

CIRMA's reinsurance partner, The Hartford Steam Boiler Company (HSB), is committed to helping CIRMA members save money and reduce losses by providing self-assessment tools and expert preventive maintenance resources for the care of their facilities and equipment.

The potential savings through improved energy efficiency in public school facilities is enormous. Improving energy efficiency can provide schools with an estimated saving of 20%, while also yielding additional benefits, such as:

 - Improved student performance
 - Increased security and safety
 - Improved teacher retention
 - Decreased liability
 - Reduced environmental impacts

CIRMA and HSB's energy savings portal offers simple steps for schools to take to save energy and keep crucial equipment operating smoothly. HSB's Equipment Operation and Efficiency Program offers money saving and energy efficiency recommendations in the following categories: space heating, lighting, water heating, space cooling, ventilation, cooking and refrigeration, and electrical. CIRMA urges members to use conduct these assessments!

HSB SchoolThumbnail.jpg

CIRMA's cyber security resources

It is all too easy for a data breach to occur today -- whether electronically or by paper, or through actions by employees or by outsiders. The increased use of technology, its interconnectedness, and municipalities’ dependency on it makes cyber events even more disruptive when they happen. CIRMA has crafted a comprehensive Cyber Risk program through an A.M. Best A rated carrier for our Liability-Auto-property members to help protect them in the event of a cyber breach. CIRMA has also developed a number of risk management resources, including regional training programs and E-Learning Center training, and new cyber security whitepaper to help our members manage this risk. 

Visit the CIRMA Cyber Risk Resources page for other resources, include current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and U.S. Homeland Security.

CyberSecurity_shoppedResources copy.jpg 

Workers' Compensation Pool Members: Report Claims Online

System Upgrade:  Because protocols that allow you to create a secure connection with your NetClaim portal were changed as of June 6, 2017, some older browsers will no longer be able to connect, resulting in loading or connection issues and an error message indicating that the browser cannot display the page or there is a problem accessing the site. Supported browsers are: Internet Explorer: v11 (with continued support of v10).

Please note: Please report ALL non-catastrophic claims online. To register to report claims online, please contact Sean Gaffney.

The ease-of-use and speed of our NetClaim.net reporting system helps assure that our claims teams receives accurate, timely information about the claim to help achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the CIRMA Training page to register for CIRMA's Workers' Compensation Online Reporting Training sessions!