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CIRMA 2018: Strong financials, value-added programs, rate stability

At CIRMA's 2018 Annual Meeting of Members in January, David Demchak, President and CEO of CIRMA, described how CIRMA’s financial and operational achievements exceeded the previous year’s strong results and continue to enable CIRMA to deliver outstanding value to its members.

CIRMA’s total gross premium for 2016-17 was $97 million, a $4 million increase; the highest premium level in CIRMA’s history. CIRMA’s growth of premiums is attributable to its 100% retention rate and 15 new members. Total assets were $365 million, a new high. CIRMA’s investment portfolio produced a solid investment income of $6.1 million for 2016-17, supporting the growth and stability of CIRMA’s Members’ Equity program and 2017’s $5 million Equity Distribution, the largest in CIRMA’s history. CIRMA’s financial strength backs its rate stability, its promise to pay claims, value-added programs, and its Member Equity Distribution program.

Rate Indications for 2018-19 - Low and stable!
“We understand municipalities and public schools' need for budget certainty,” said David Demchak. “CIRMA’s rate stabilization programs and long-term rate stability are excellent examples of what makes CIRMA unique," he added. Almost 165 members, with nearly $50 million in premium, participated in CIRMA’s Rate Stabilization Programs in 2016-17. For 2018-19, CIRMA’s aggregate rate need is right where its members expect, sharing in CIRMA’s continued success:
  • -5% Workers’ Compensation pool rate need
  • 0% Liability-Auto-Property pool rate need

"CIRMA will continue to do what we do best, and what drives the most value to our members: executing our mission," noted David Demchak. CIRMA’s strategic goals include expansion of its E-Learning Center, development of new risk management tools, expansion of the rate stabilization programs, and expansion of the CIRMAcare(TM) network. CIRMA’s claims system, data warehousing, and telemedicine initiatives will enhance CIRMA’s member experience. A new capital management model will provide the tools and framework to manage, monitor, and measure its equity utilization.

For more information about CIRMA's results and programs, Download a PDF of CIRMA's 2016-17 Annual Report! Download the Press Release.

Emotional & Social Intelligence Awareness Month, April 2018

Over the past decade, aggressive behavior by students has increased dramatically in school districts across nation and in CIRMA-member schools here in Connecticut. CIRMA, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Education and our School District Advisory Committee, has responded by developing a number of risk management resources to help public school leaders and staff promote positive and respectful social interactions -- the foundation of a safer, more cooperative school community. Visit our CIRMACorner for Schools page for more information and new resources!


CIRMA Board of Directors, 2018

Tom Banisch, First Selectman of Madison
Mark D. Boughton, Mayor of Danbury
Susan Bransfield, First Selectwoman of Portland
Robert M. Congdon, First Selectman of Preston
John Elsesser, Town Manager of Coventry
Matthew B. Galligan, Town Manager of South Windsor
Toni Harp, Mayor of New Haven
Barbara Henry, First Selectman of Roxbury
Catherine Iino, First Selectwoman of Killingworth
Matthew S. Knickerbocker, First Selectman of Bethel
Marcia A. Leclerc, Mayor of East Hartford


Curt Leng, Mayor of Hamden
Leo Paul, First Selectman of Litchfield
Herbert C. Rosenthal, Former First Selectman of Newtown
John Salomone, City Manager of Norwich
Scott Shanley, General Manager of Manchester
Jayme Stevenson, First Selectman of Darien
Daniel D. Syme, First Selectman of Scotland
Michael Tetreau, First Selectman of Fairfield
Mark Walter, Town Administrator, Town of Columbia
Steven Werbner, Town Manager of Tolland 

CIRMA's E-Learning Center - now 150+ courses!

Visit our E-Learning Center to view our expanded list of courses and view our on-demand Webinar for a comprehensive overview of our CIRMA E-Learning Center, including information on how to track employee training, create certificates, build training reports, and more. Employee training is one of the most important parts of your risk management program. CIRMA's  E-Learning Center extends the reach of our Risk Management Training & Education programs, enabling employees and managers to learn important safety and risk management topics -- when and where their work schedule demands, from any computer or mobile device with internet access. CIRMA's E-Learning program is provided free to all CIRMA members. Register your employees now so that they can take advantage of this important training opportunity. Watch your email inbox for news and information or contact us for more information on registration. Download the brochure.

International Travel Insurance Program

Planning a school or town-sponsored trip abroad this year?  CIRMA's International Travel Insurance program for our Liability-Auto-Property pools members provides many types of coverage for school and town groups traveling abroad to covered locations. Planning, funding, and obtaining school approval for school trips abroad is easier with CIRMA!


CIRMA's Cyber Security Resources

Local governments and pulic schools, including CIRMA members, continue to be targeted by cyber criminals. The increased use of technology, its interconnectedness, and municipalities’ dependency on it makes cyber events even more disruptive when they happen. CIRMA has crafted a comprehensive Cyber Risk program through an A.M. Best A rated carrier for our Liability-Auto-property members to help protect them in the event of a cyber breach. CIRMA has also developed a number of risk management resources, including regional training programs and E-Learning Center training, and cyber security whitepaper to help our members manage this risk. CIRMA's Cyber Security News & Alerts service provides IT departments and municipal and school leaders current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and U.S. Homeland Security. Subscribe today.

Visit the CIRMA Cyber Risk Resources page for additional resources.

CyberSecurity_shoppedResources copy.jpg 

Employment Practices Liability Helpline -- New Contact number!

CIRMA's Employment Practices Liability Helpline phone number changed effective January 2, 2018, but the service's expert legal assistance and fast response to CIRMA members' employment practices questions will stay the same. And, as before, there is no charge to CIRMA Liability-Auto-Property pool members for the service! CIRMA has partnered with Rose Kallor, LLP, a leading Connecticut law firm with a focus on employment and labor law. For the Helpline phone number and additional information, please visit the EPL Helpline page.

"For a government employer, the most effective legal service provider is the one who enables proactive resolution of employment and labor relations issues—before such issues manifest into legal disputes. Even for the most experienced municipal manager faced with a complex issue, a brief telephone call to a municipal employment law specialist may mean the difference between a high risk adverse action—and a measured decision that mitigates legal risk. That telephone call is all the more sensible when the effective legal advice is being provided without charge. CIRMA’s Employment Practices Liability Helpline provides that peace of mind. Through the CIRMA Employment Practices Liability Helpline the Town of Rocky Hill has benefited from convenient access to employment practice specialists, free of charge, who provided substantive guidance on a host of municipal employment matters."

Dana McGee
Director of Human Resources & Legal Compliance
Town of Rocky Hill

Workers' Compensation Pool Members: Report Claims Online

System Upgrade:  Because protocols that allow you to create a secure connection with your NetClaim portal were changed as of June 6, 2017, some older browsers will no longer be able to connect, resulting in loading or connection issues and an error message indicating that the browser cannot display the page or there is a problem accessing the site. Supported browsers are: Internet Explorer: v11 (with continued support of v10).

Please note: Please report ALL non-catastrophic claims online. To register to report claims online, please contact Sean Gaffney.

The ease-of-use and speed of our reporting system helps assure that our claims teams receives accurate, timely information about the claim to help achieve the best possible outcome. Visit the CIRMA Training page to register for CIRMA's Workers' Compensation Online Reporting Training sessions!