SEMINAR I: Municipal Law Update

Staying ahead of the latest legal mandates and court decisions can save municipalities thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars in unnecessary lawsuits and penalties. In this session, our expert facilitators will examine the latest legal requirements as they apply to elected and appointed town leaders. This year’s presenters will explore a number of recent claims, relevant laws and court decisions, and proven best practices that can help prevent similar losses in the future.

Presented by

Attorney Michael J. Rose , Managing Partner, Rose Kallor, LLP

Attorney Thomas R. Gerarde, Managing Partner, Howd & Ludorf, LLC

SEMINAR II: Reducing Risk Through Proper Planning and Preparedness

Risk management is all about planning: planning for what might go wrong, planning as a response for when something does go wrong, and planning to sustain and maintain successful programs. Taking a risk-based approach to your public entity’s unique exposures means thinking about the implications of these risks and how they could affect different areas within your municipality. The best place to start is by creating a risk management plan. This Session will utilize examples from large scale events to illustrate how you can successfully identify exposures and create and implement an effective risk management plan.

Presented by

Joey Barbera, ARM, Manager, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Ian Havens, ARM, Supervisor, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Jeff Joseph, ARM, Consultant, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Jordan Schrader, Consultant, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Kimberlly Salinas, ARM, Analyst, CIRMA Risk Management Services