CIRMA consistently meets the moment for those we are privileged to serve. We pride ourselves on rising to the occasion, no matter the circumstance, to protect and care for our members, our communities, and each other. Meeting the moment means we will stop at nothing to deliver on our promise to our members—under any conditions. We adapt to the current moment—not simply to meet the status quo, but to constantly improve how we protect our members, build trust and community, and advance our shared mission and values. These ideals were front and center of everything we accomplished throughout the past year. 

CIRMA was built to meet the moment. Change happens at the speed of trust, and we are in such a moment where our world is ever-evolving. Our unwavering commitment to partnering closely with our members, doing what is right when things go wrong, and creating and delivering unmatched value is as apparent as ever. We’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with our members through their darkest and brightest moments. No matter the exposure, we execute our mission daily and fulfill our promise to protect our members, their communities, and their employees. 

Our mission and values propel our ability to serve and protect our members at any moment. We pay what we owe, achieve optimal outcomes, and lead meaningful and transformative change. Our strategic business imperatives will continue to guide us forward with a deep sense of purpose as we remain focused on investing in business intelligence and innovation, expanding our products and services, harvesting world-class talent, enhancing customer engagement, and advancing our capital management strategies.  

We build on the past to meet the moment. Our ability to stay grounded in our sense of purpose, adapt to the world around us, and focus on the long term has allowed us to deliver sustainable results for almost a half-century. We are rooted in our communities—the communities our members serve, and we prepare early and respond deliberately to their needs and the emergent trends that keep them up at night. 

We continue to deliver consistent and stable outcomes by expanding and leveraging our many competitive advantages, providing deeply tailored services and protections to protect our members, generating earnings and capital to support our operational and growth needs, and thoughtfully right-sizing capital and growing book value over time. 

In addition to the many accomplishments featured within this Annual Report, the following notable outcomes represent our sustained shared successes spanning over the last five years.

Over the last five years: 

  • Total Assets have grown by $40.4M 
  • Members’ Equity has grown by $56.7M 
  • Over $16.4M in Members’ Equity was distributed over the last five years, with nearly $42M total distributed over the last thirteen years 
  • Approximately $124M in medical cost savings have been achieved through CIRMA-managed care programs
  • The average rate need was -3.20% for workers’ compensation and 0.10% for liability-auto-property
  • Almost 144,000 public-entity employees and volunteers participated in CIRMA training

We will continue to fuel our momentum by continuing to optimize our financial strength through disciplined risk selection, effective claim cost and expense management, thoughtful reinsurance selection, and competitive and stable pricing. CIRMA’s consistent financial and operational achievements continue to augment our ability to deliver substantial and sustainable competitive advantages over time. 

Our focus, as always, will continue to be on protecting our members. We have the resources to solve tough problems. We are engaged in every facet of our industry and have the most profound commitment to our employees, members, and business partners. 

These are our moments.

We meet them together.

Because CIRMA plus our members are undeniably better together.