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CIRMA has moved to a new location!

CIRMA's new address is:

545 Long Wharf Drive
New Haven, CT 06511-5950

Our phone numbers, email addresses, and commitment to our members will remain the same!

Workers' Compensation Fraud Awareness week, 2018

CIRMA is supporting National Fraud Awareness week, November 11 - 17, to help our members recognize the red flags of Workers' Compensation fraud and abuse. Workers' Compensation abuse can take many forms: from exagerated injuries and symptoms, to malingering and deliberate exageration of doctor's restrictions. Workers' Compensation fraud hurts everyone: the employer, who faces higher costs; fellow employees who must fill in for the absent employee; and the community that faces reduced services. Red Flags of Fraud handout.

CIRMA and its Special Investigative Unit is available to help our member municipalites and school districts combat abuse, and thereby improving morale and reducing losses. Download our Workers' Compensation Fraud Awareness poster.

"I would like to comment on the outstanding job CIRMA did with a fraud case that was committed against the Town. Based on circumstances learned by CIRMA, an investigation was initiated, which included surveillance. The CIRMA investigation led to a criminal investigation which resulted in the arrest and resignation of an employee. As a result of the exceptional job completed by the CIRMA staff, our Town was able to recoup all funds lost. I would like to commend CIRMA for their part in this incident."

A Town Manager

November is Safe Driving Awareness Month for Law Enforcement

Vehicular accidents are the second leading cause of line-of-duty deaths and injuries to law enforcement officers in the U.S. CIRMA has made November its "Safe Driving Awareness" month to raise awareness about and positively reinforce defensive driving practices among law enforcement officers. Look for information and training resurces in the upcoming weeks.

HSB Property Protection Resources

The Hartford Steam Boiler Company (HSB), PREPARE Program is an information gathering system that can help CIRMA members prepare for disasters and set up recovery plans. Disasters bring sudden loss of electricity and crucial utilities, as well as disruption to equipment that may impair your municipality or school's operations. Once a disaster strike, the recovery time is crucial to your operations. PREPARE was designed to reduce the length of time between the occurrence of a significant accident and the eventual return to normal operations. Any substantial reduction in recovery time will result in cost savings, as well as more efficient operations and faster repairs.
PREPARE's 3 Basic Steps:

  1. An analysis of the facilities electrical systems, pressure equipment, facility service equipment and other machinery to determine which systems and equipment are most critical and the types of failure they're subject to.
  2. Preparation of a plan of action for each critical item, including alternate power sources and operational processes.
  3. Data collection on the critical equipment, including specifications, anticipated replacement parts, availability of spare parts, repair facilities, independent contractors, and rental sources.
Click here to begin the PREPARE assessment.

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CIRMAcare's pharmacy program recognized

A new white paper on CIRMA's pharmacy benefit program and its success in reducing pharmacy costs and the risk of opioid misuse is receiving national recognition. CIRMA and its managed-care partner, Coventry, began developing a program to constrain costly, unnecessary, and potentially harmful prescription drug use over a decade ago. The program's results, detailed in the white paper, are a more holistic approach to pharmacy management and better care for CIRMA members’ injured employees. David Demchak, CIRMA President & Chief Executive officer is scheduled to speak about CIRMA's model program at the NLC-Risc Staff Conference in October, 2018.

The CIRMAcare® program has reduced CIRMA member opioid utilization rate by nearly 16% from 2010 through 2017. Utilization fell from 50.6% to 35% over the same period. Costs also dropped.

“Controlling claims costs matters. But what is more important,” notes David Demchak, “Is that injured employees receive the highest quality care for a lasting and speedy recovery.”


CIRMA's Cyber Security Resources -

CIRMA has crafted a comprehensive Cyber Insurance program through an A.M. Best A rated carrier for our Liability-Auto-property members to help protect them in the event of a cyber breach. CIRMA LAP pool members will have access to event management and breach consultative services from best-in-class breach responders with experience in computer forensics, data breach notification, credit and ID monitoring, and legal counsel. View the flyer.

CIRMA has also developed a number of risk management resources, including regional training programs and E-Learning Center training, and cyber security whitepaper to help our members manage this risk. CIRMA's Cyber Security News & Alerts service provides IT departments and municipal and school leaders current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and U.S. Homeland Security. Subscribe today. Visit the CIRMA Cyber Risk Resources page for additional resources.

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Contract Review Program

Overlooking the fine print in a contract can hurt your municipality or public school. Before you sign any contract, CIRMA recommends a review by the CIRMA Contract Review team to ensure that your municipality or Board of Education’s interests are protected and that you are not unintentionally assuming risk. Download the brochure or visit the Contract Review Program webpage for more about this no-cost program available to all CIRMA members!

Employment Practices Liability Helpline

CIRMA has partnered with Rose Kallor, LLP, a leading Connecticut law firm with a focus on employment and labor law. For the Helpline phone number and additional information, please visit the EPL Helpline page.

"Through the CIRMA Employment Practices Liability Helpline the Town of Rocky Hill has benefited from convenient access to employment practice specialists, free of charge, who provided substantive guidance on a host of municipal employment matters."

Dana McGee
Director of Human Resources & Legal Compliance
Town of Rocky Hill