CIRMA's 2015 Annual Meeting of Members

View the President's Report to Members with a discussion of 2013-14's outstanding financial results and operational achievements, plus a look ahead to the aggregate rate indications for 2015-16. Download our Annual Report, 2013-14.

CIRMAcare Medical Care Plan

CIRMAcare integrates best-in-class injury care and disability management with sophisticated claims systems that are focused on the unique needs of Connecticut's municipalities and public schools. CIRMAcare provides a gold standard of medical care through its network of over 30,000 doctors, 24 hospitals, and 3,700 healthcare providers. CIRMAcare's systems provide participants flexibility in a changing medical environment, ensuring that they will have access to the highest quality care and the ability to manage that care for years to come. To participate in CIRMAcare, please contact George Tammaro, Risk Management Supervisor, at 203-498-3076.

Visit our CIRMAcare page to locate a doctor or healthcare provider, submit a claim online, or to download CIRMAcare training materials.