Winter Storm Juno

CIRMA's offices will be closed Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday because of the winter storm emergency. For information on winter storm precautions, please vist our Winter Weather Precautions page.

To Report a Liability or Property claim during this storm, please call 203-710-4479.

Workers' Compensation claims should be reported online at

(If you are not registered to report online, claims may still be reported at 1-800-OKCIRMA.)

CIRMAcare Medical Care Plan

CIRMAcare integrates best-in-class injury care and disability management with sophisticated claims systems that are focused on the unique needs of Connecticut's municipalities and public schools. CIRMAcare provides a gold standard of medical care through its network of over 30,000 doctors, 24 hospitals, and 3,700 healthcare providers. CIRMAcare's systems provide participants flexibility in a changing medical environment, ensuring that they will have access to the highest quality care and the ability to manage that care for years to come. To participate in CIRMAcare, please contact George Tammaro, Risk Management Supervisor, at 203-498-3076.

Visit our CIRMAcare page to locate a doctor or healthcare provider, submit a claim online, or to download CIRMAcare training materials.

Understanding Enterprise Risk Management & School Security

Addressing school and building security means taking a true Enterprise Risk Management approach and following the complete five-step risk management process, from first identifying and analyzing exposures through implementation and monitoring. CIRMA Risk Management is available to  consult with members who are either beginning the process of addressing security concerns or would like to re-assess what is already in place. 

Consultative services include assisting members with:

- Developing a collaborative building security committee to address the goals and initiatives of the individual member.
- Developing an on-site, hands-on process, which includes coordination of local public safety officials.
- Conducting, with the committee and safety officials, a comprehensive safety and security assessment of buildings and grounds to help identify and analyze exposures.
- Developing and implementing a tailored program with practical and workable solutions based on the assessment outcomes.

Additional Resources

Please contact your CIRMA Risk Management Consultant for more information and assistance developing your risk management program.