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Connecticut’s education system is one of the best in the nation. To help stay competitive, school administrators are constantly navigating a world of emerging trends, regulations, and exposures. That’s why CIRMA provides convenient online training and education opportunities to help you stay ahead of the game.

We’re thrilled to offer our members exclusive access to robust school-centric e-Learning courses—delivered through Vector Solutions—an award-winning training management system. Trusted by thousands of K-12 administrators, Vector Training delivers high-quality, expert-authored courses on important safety and prevention topics.

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Turn insights into actions: CIRMA Risk Management Data & Analytics  

We share data through comprehensive analytical systems, reports, file reviews, important loss trends, and detailed claim management insights to help you see the big picture and put the right strategies in place to manage the cost of insurance losses, big and small.   We know what’s happening, what might happen, and how you can manage both the expected and the unexpected. For example, CIRMA’s stewardship reports help you:

  • Analyze past and current loss trends
  • Unveil the cause and cost drivers of losses by accident, injury, and department
  • Review and assess the efficacy of existing risk management initiatives
  • Identify and develop risk management action plans and initiatives to prevent accidents
  • Establish benchmarks for sustained success

And those strategies we just mentioned? We help you develop, implement, and monitor them, too.

CIRMA’s analytical systems provide our members a far richer, more detailed, yet easy-to-understand view of their operations and exposures. In addition, CIRMA’s sophisticated analytical systems provide real-time tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities for our members, enabling them to monitor, measure, and thereby better manage risk.

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Enterprise Risk Assessments for Schools

CIRMA Risk Management self-assessments help members identify loss exposures and risk drivers in specific municipal operations and track recommendations from a CIRMA Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Assessment. CIRMA’s Risk Management professionals will work closely with you to review self-assessments and examine alternative risk management techniques for managing your identified risk exposures.

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Smart Insurance Solutions

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Helpline

Under CIRMA’s Employment Practices Liability Helpline program, our partner attorneys will provide CIRMA Liability-Auto-Property Pool members expert legal advice on all aspects of employment practices law. In addition, the EPL Helpline provides exclusive complimentary access to one hour of expert legal advice per month.

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Tools that help schools save energy and money

On average, schools spend more to heat, cool, and light their buildings than the cost of textbooks, supplies, and computers combined. The potential savings that can be achieved through improved energy efficiency is enormous. Improving energy efficiency can provide schools with an estimated saving of 20%.

Our partner, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) offers CIRMA members a selection of comprehensive Equipment Operation and Efficiency resources including cost-saving energy efficiency tips for space heating, lighting, water heating, space cooling, ventilation, cooking, refrigeration, and electrical.

So, how do you decide which energy-efficient options have the best payback? Visit the HSB Efficiency First Portal for simple steps that your school can take to save energy and keep crucial equipment operating smoothly.

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