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CIRMA provides customized third-party administration claim and risk management solutions to self-insured public entities across the Nutmeg state.

Service solutions that work for you

Accustomed to serving some of Connecticut’s largest self-insured entities, our dedicated Claim and Risk Management professionals serve as an extension of your core operations, offering a streamlined claim management model that is augmented by our suite of leading technology, services, and resources.

Our approach fits your entity’s precise needs and focuses on reducing claim costs while delivering the best possible outcomes. Our teams work closely with our members to synthesize important claim data to glean critical insights. These insights allow us to develop tailored risk management strategies that effectively address key loss drivers and reduce your entity’s total cost of risk.

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Specialized programs and services tailored to your needs.

CIRMA offers premier risk management and claim services. Our dynamic programs are designed for you—we work closely with our members to create a flexible service delivery model that fits your needs.

We protect Connecticut. We are Connecticut.

We exclusively serve Connecticut’s public sector. Our dedicated teams intimately understand your unique exposures and work closely with you to develop holistic solutions to address your most complex challenges.

Analytics and insights you can actually use.  

We know what’s happening, what might happen, and how you can manage both the expected and the unexpected. We share data through comprehensive file reviews and sharing significant loss trends and detailed claim management insights-–all to help you see the big picture and put the right strategies in place to manage the cost of insurance losses, big and small. And those strategies we just mentioned? We help you develop, implement, and monitor them, too.

Our legal bench strength is unrivaled, providing the most effective defense for our members.

Our legal partners are the best in the business—and we make sure you have access to them. No suit is too small or complex. Our legal partners have deep Connecticut Public Sector expertise—even when you’re not faced with a legal issue, you’ll get to know our attorney partners through important CIRMA-sponsored learning sessions on issues that matter to you and your constituents.

CIRMA also offers a unique members’ equity distribution program to both self-insured and pool members.

We’re the only carrier in the marketplace that returns equity to members – in fact, we’ve delivered almost $42M back to members since the inception of the program.

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