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Accidents and injuries can be disruptive to your daily operations—CIRMA is here to help. We work with our members day in and day out to help make them whole again. We do this through unmatched dedication, empathy, transparency, availability, and responsiveness.

We don’t believe that you need to become a claim expert to have an excellent claim outcome, and we know that real people, not machines or bots, deliver the best results. Once you report your claim, your CIRMA Claim professional will take it from there.

We’re local. We’re dedicated. Our members count on CIRMA for unmatched expertise and resources to successfully navigate the latest and even most complex Connecticut laws and regulations. Our Claim professionals are specialists, not generalists—they’re dedicated to the public sector. Not just the broad public sector but Connecticut’s public sector.

Convenient reporting solutions

Our members enjoy convenient claim reporting options for workers’ compensation, general liability, auto, and property claims through our convenient online, email, and telephonic reporting options.

Connecticut deserves the best—CIRMA delivers

From historical natural disasters to the latest global pandemic, our unwavering commitment has outlasted commercial insurance companies that abandon the public sector or spike rates as quickly as profits shift. CIRMA protects $17.7B in property and almost 71,400 employees across the Constitution State. We have helped Connecticut recover from some of the most significant and devastating losses over the decades, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our members, often in the very communities where we live and work.

Easy claim reporting. Compassionate Claim professionals.

The support you need along the way. That’s the CIRMA promise.

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Water You Waiting For?

Claims involving dehydration and heat exhaustion can be costly—Connecticut municipalities experienced over $150 million in related medical expense losses alone over the past five…

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CIRMA Claims: where promises made are promises kept.

What our members’ injured employees are saying:

“It is very important for me to let you know how pleased I am with my Claim professional—she answers my questions in an understandable way and has left me with a very good feeling about the services you provide. I must thank you again for making this journey to recovery as “painless” as possible. Whenever I had questions it was easy to reach you and your support was a welcome relief. I appreciate all that CIRMA has done for me.”

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