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We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible resources for Connecticut’s Blue. CIRMA helps Connecticut law enforcement and emergency personnel continue to be the best at what they do through tailored risk management services and customized training and education programs—all at no additional cost to CIRMA-member employees and volunteers.

Our new e-Learning programs offer the latest education and insights on existing and emerging issues to help prepare our local heroes to face the challenges of a changing world. CIRMA members enjoy access to robust and relevant eLearning courses delivered through our partnership with Vector Solutions, an award-winning training management system. 

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CIRMA’s Law Enforcement Liability Critical Response Team

Managing liability exposures effectively is the key to preserving your reputation and the relationships with the communities you serve. Our Law Enforcement Liability Critical Response team provides the expertise and resources you need to successfully navigate high-exposure police liability claims.

Here’s how we do it: Our Law Enforcement Liability Critical Response team works closely with a local legal expert with unmatched experience representing Connecticut’s law enforcement officers and municipalities. The team provides the support law enforcement personnel and municipalities need to ensure they respond effectively and appropriately. As a result, you can trust that CIRMA will help you achieve timely resolution and mitigate additional exposures while protecting community goodwill.

Contact your local CIRMA Risk Management professional for more information.

Enterprise Risk Assessments for Law Enforcement

CIRMA Risk Management self-assessments help members identify loss exposures and risk drivers in specific municipal operations and track recommendations from a CIRMA Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Assessment. CIRMA’s Risk Management professionals will work closely with you to review self-assessments and examine alternative risk management techniques for managing your identified risk exposures.

Enterprise Risk Assessment for Law Enforcement Entities

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Don’t Miss Out: Cyber Assessments for CT Municipalities

New cyber assessment resources are available to help your public entity address evolving cybersecurity threats head-on.

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We understand the unique exposures Connecticut’s emergency personnel face. As risk evolves, so do our dedicated teams and resources. 

CIRMA Roll Call Training Topics

Download our Roll Call Training Topics series. These easy-to-read PDFs address and suggest potential incidents involving officers and departments. Each topic is formatted with five sections: discussion of hypothetical incident details, risks analysis, liability, lessons learned and recommended changes that could be implemented while on duty. The topics are brief publications that could easily be presented at roll call before duty, hoping that the recommended changes could offer guidance for possible risks while on duty. The topics outlined in the Roll Call Training Series are:

  • Auditory Exclusion
  • Comments to the Community
  • Communicating Vendors’ First Amendment Rights at Town-Sponsored Events
  • Dealing With Presumptions of Death
  • De-escalation and Training Breakdowns
  • Domestic Violence Liability
  • Excessive Speed
  • Failure to Train
  • Frequency Breeds Severity
  • Holding Cell Supervision
  • Implicit Bias
  • Interaction Accident
  • Law Enforcement Liability: Use-of-Force
  • Officer-Involved Shooting
  • Police Pursuit
  • Preventing K-9 Self-Deployment
  • Pursuit Accident
  • Racial Profiling
  • Responding to Mental Illness and BWCs
  • Search of In-Custody Suspects
  • Suspect Searches
  • Suspect Supervision
  • Training Risks
  • Unlawful Seizure/Detention
  • Use-of-Force During Interactions with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Wear Protective Vests
  • Work Zone Safety
  • Work Zone Safety for Law Enforcement

What’s New in Blue 

Inspired by the approach used for TED Talks, What’s New in Blue is a series of short videos that keeps viewers informed about innovative developments and critical issues in law enforcement. Click here to view the latest featured episode.

Additional Resources for Law Enforcement: