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You’re dedicated to the community you serve. And each year, it seems like you do more with less. Yet, in the wake of unending challenges, you remain committed to maintaining a safe and thriving community. But are you prepared to weather the next cyber storm on the horizon? 

The right cyber insurance program can give you the peace of mind you deserve and the protection you need. CIRMA can help. We work with A-rated carrier partners to provide sophisticated and relevant protections that address the latest cyber risks, from costly ransomware attacks to widespread data breaches. Each program is specially tailored exclusively to your entity. 

Check out our brochure, which includes a checklist outlining everything you should consider when purchasing cyber insurance.

Reporting Cyber Claims

Have a cyber claim to report? Not sure? Err on the side of caution and report all cyber incidents immediately.

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CIRMA members benefit from several risk management tools and resources, including onsite training programs and e-Learning Center training, and Cybersecurity whitepaper, to help our members manage this risk. CIRMA’s Cyber News & Alerts service provides IT departments and municipal and school leaders with current cyber alerts from MS-ISAC, the Multi-State Information Sharing, Analysis Center, and U.S. Homeland Security.

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Cyber disruption response plan

The Cyber Disruption Response Plan (CDRP) is part of the State Response Framework and a helpful roadmap for public entities on how and when to report a cyber incident. The CDRP is a companion document to the Cyber Incident Response Plan, outlining specific technical response actions.

The Quick Reference Guide consists of two charts found in the CDRP and provides immediate guidance in a fast-moving incident. Lastly, the Communications Flow Matrix outlines the flow of information in situations that are likely to affect public health, safety, or confidence. When using this Plan, remember to add contact information for the key partners to whom you would report a cyber incident, including the Connecticut Intelligence Center, via email at

Get started today: Cyber Security Response Plan | Cyber Response Quick Reference

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