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Our solid and long-standing partnerships with leading, A-rated or better insurance carriers enable us to negotiate and place coverage at the most competitive premiums possible. As a result, we’ve earned our members’ trust by providing unmatched protections, reliable services, and stable rates at best possible value.

We exclusively serve Connecticut’s public sector. Our dedicated underwriters intimately understand your unique risks and our Risk Management and Claim professionals help you confidently manage them.

Tailored programs.
Broad coverages. Stable and competitive pricing.

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Wellness At Work

The adoption of workplace social and emotional health programs skyrocketed over the past two years due to heightened visibility during the pandemic when remote…

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Preventing Tick-borne Disease Exposure

In Connecticut, occupational exposure to tick-borne diseases is a recognized hazard. Outdoor workers must protect themselves in the spring, summer, and fall when ticks…

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wrist pain image

Preventing Sprains & Strains

Sprain and strain injuries are the most common and costly workplace injuries. Employees can injure their knee, shoulder, wrist, or back while performing everyday…

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Water you waiting for?

Claims involving dehydration and heat exhaustion can be costly—Connecticut municipalities experienced over $150 million in related medical expense losses alone over the past five…

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Bee Safe

Bee and wasp stings are a common summer nuisance that can turn deadly if the victim develops a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). Public Health…

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