Liability-Auto-Property insurance programs and services you can count on

As the leading insurance provider for Connecticut’s public sector, CIRMA offers premier Liability-Auto-Property (LAP) coverages, claim services, and risk management solutions to municipalities, public schools, and local public agencies.

The stability you need in an unstable world

Our solid and long-standing relationships with leading, A-rated or better insurance carriers enable us to negotiate and place coverage at the most competitive premiums possible. We’ve earned our members’ trust by providing reliable and unmatched protections and rate stability for over 40 years.

We exclusively serve Connecticut’s public sector. Our dedicated underwriters intimately understand your unique risks and our Risk Management and Claim professionals help you manage them.

Members’ equity distribution

Our exceptional financial strength allows us to distribute a percentage of CIRMA’s Members’ Equity to eligible members. Over the last twelve years, total distributions have reached nearly $42M.

Exclusive multi-year rate agreements

Our members are faced with uncertainty each and every day. That’s why we offer exclusive multi-year rate agreements that provide the budget stability they need and deserve.

Unlimited risk management services

Enjoy dedicated and specialized expertise available through workshops, onsite training, and consultative services, as well as access to competitive online training programs—all tailored to Connecticut’s public sector.

Platinum-standard claims solutions.

Local teams. Immediate support.

Our auto-property claims and restoration specialists resolve claims promptly and expertly, preventing costs from escalating and returning you to full operations as quickly as possible.

We know Connecticut.

And we go deep on legislative issues so you don’t need to. CIRMA’s LAP Claim professionals offer the expertise that you simply won’t experience with another insurance provider. Our Connecticut municipal law and immunities and defense expertise cannot be matched.

Exclusive access to our employment practices liability helpline

Peace of mind is just a phone call away. Our members get the support they need to successfully navigate an ever-evolving and often complex legal employment practices landscape.

Law enforcement liability critical response team

Our team offers the resources you need during a potentially high-exposure police liability claim. Now, more than ever, the stakes are high—both in terms of our members’ liability and their long-term relationship with the community.

Contract review services

Unknowingly agreeing to take on someone else’s liability when entering a contract can be costly. Our members have access to our exclusive contract review service, which provides you with the guidance you need before you sign on the dotted line.

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Customized LAP programs and coverage enhancements

CIRMA members benefit from additional layers of protection through our specially-curated coverage enhancements. CIRMA’s insurance program enhancements are yet another example of how we go above and beyond to ensure you have the protections you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Let CIRMA create a tailored LAP insurance program that fits your needs today.

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