Defensive Driving for Fire and EMT Personnel

Learning Objectives

Many lives depend upon firefighters and emergency responders arriving safely at the scene: their own, others on the road, and those at the emergency scene. Tragically, vehicle collisions are the second leading cause of firefighter deaths; collisions also account for 20% of non-fatal injuries to firefighters.

This CIRMA program provides valuable training for all fire and emergency response personnel. In it, you will learn the techniques of defensive driving and the regulations surrounding emergency vehicle operations.

You will learn to spot the common driving errors contributing to collisions and accidents involving emergency vehicles. You’ll review the driving skills and techniques that help prevent collisions and violations. You’ll also be taught how to make safe and legal turns, evaluate and overcome the hazards of passing, and avoid a head-on collision. This training program teaches techniques that you can use to maintain control in adverse driving situations.

If you would like to schedule a regional or member-only training program, please contact your Risk Management Consultant. Training is provided to CIRMA members only. 

Training topics will include:

  • Common causes for fire apparatus collisions
  • Recognizing road hazards
  • NFPA 1500 Requirements for operating traffic stops
  • How to prevent backing accidents
  • The danger of excessive speeds
  • Personal responsibility; siren syndrome
  • Common causes of accidents and road conditions
  • Special considerations include lack of training on vehicles and lack of preventive maintenance


This training and education program is designed for:

  • EMT Personnel
  • Firefighters
  • Risk Managers
  • Executive Leadership