School Safety

School and municipal buildings and grounds are designed to be welcoming environments for students and communities. However, building a genuinely secure environment requires a holistic Enterprise Risk Management approach. A ‘cut and paste’ or templated approach using other entities’ emergency plans can come with distinct challenges and pitfalls, including an increased likelihood of plan failure when an incident occurs.

CIRMA Risk Management professionals partner with our members to create a holistic school security strategy. The CIRMA Risk Management process addresses security protocols by taking an authentic Enterprise Risk Management approach and following the complete management process, from identifying and analyzing exposures through implementation and monitoring.

In addition, CIRMA’s Risk Management team is available to consult directly with members who are either beginning the process of addressing security concerns or would like to re-assess what is already in place.

If you would like to schedule a regional or member-only training program, please contact your Risk Management Consultant. Training is provided to CIRMA members only.

CIRMA consultative services can include assisting members with developing an on-site, hands-on approach, which may consist of all or any one of the items below:

  • Conducting a comprehensive safety and security assessment of facilities
  • Providing a review of findings to members’ executive leadership and administrators
  • Development of tailored practical and workable recommendations based on the evaluations and current best practices
  • Providing a review of the municipal or school district All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and recommendations based on Connecticut requirements
  • Providing Public Act 13-3 and other state regulations and guidelines
  • Training opportunities based on the outcomes of the assessment
  • Training opportunities on understanding what workplace violence is and prevention strategies
  • Providing tailored tabletop scenarios to exercise the school district ERP Audience

This specialized CIRMA training and education program is designed for:

  • Boards of Education members
  • School administrative staff
  • Classroom teachers, special education teachers, and paraprofessionals
  • School social workers, school psychologists
  • PTO/PTA board members