Subrogation Recovery Services 

Our subrogation recovery services are one of many ways CIRMA finds new opportunities to deliver value through its unique competitive advantages—one claim at a time.

So what is subrogation? 

Subrogation is aptly known throughout the property-casualty insurance industry as the process by which your insurance company collects money from the party at fault (or their insurance company) to recover funds you or your insurance carrier have already paid, including your deductible. The money that is recouped is often referred to as recovery.

A well-established, yet not-so-well-known component of insurance, subrogation may be the final step in the claims process. However, it certainly is not of most minor importance. CIRMA’s Subrogation Team and its Subrogation Plus program return critical funds to our members and help effectively manage their total cost of risk.

Subrogation Plus

When property damages fall outside policy limits, most insurance carriers abruptly halt the subrogation process, extinguishing any potential of recovering those losses. Our team delivers unique value, going beyond the typical subrogation process and recouping property losses not covered under insurance. The result? Maximized recoveries and promptly returned funds.

Contact your local CIRMA representative for more information.

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What our members are saying:

“CIRMA goes well beyond what we’d expect from an insurance provider by recovering additional money related to damage caused by third parties—these recoveries are not just for the property we insure or deductible dollars, but for the cost of damages for property, we don’t carry insurance on. An example in Norwich included a guardrail destroyed during an auto accident – costing the City over ten thousand dollars. With CIRMA’s partnership, we recouped critical funds that will be used to benefit our community.”

— Robert R. Castronova, City of Norwich Purchasing Agent/Risk & Insurance Administrator and valued CIRMA member.

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