Understanding the Basics of Cyber Risk

Learning Objectives

*This training session qualifies for two (2) educational hours in Personal Development towards the CCMO certification.

According to experts, local public entities are often explicitly targeted for cyber attacks due to the vulnerable and open nature of their operations. Cyber attacks, data theft, ransomware, spoofing, and phishing incidents are escalating in type, number, and creativity — with cyber criminals exploiting human nature as much as the technical vulnerabilities of hardware and software systems.

Fortunately, municipalities and public school staff don’t have to be cyber experts to implement an effective cyber risk management program, just be prepared and alert. With 63% of confirmed data breaches* involving weak, default or stolen passwords, implementing basic password protocols and other cyber security policies is a significant step towards protecting your organization. If an event does take place, having response protocols in place will significantly reduce the disruption to your operations.

This CIRMA risk management and education program guide attendees through the fundamentals of cyber security practices and response planning. Topics include:

  • System security readiness and response.
  • Who to contact in the event of a breach.
  • Testing the plan.
  • System backup protocols.
  • Cyber hacking — cybercrime.
  • Best Practices to protect data: passwords and practices
  • Trends and emerging cyber threats

Cyber security is every employee’s responsibility. Developing cyber security awareness and good practices within your organization is a crucial part of your defense against these threats.
**Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report.

These CIRMA training programs qualify for educational hours that can be applied towards completing your certification. For more information such as details on requirements and how to get started, please visit ccm-ct.org/ccmo.


This training and education program is designed for:

  • Municipal leaders
  • IT professionals
  • Police & Fire Chiefs
  • School leaders
  • School business managers
  • HR Directors


Ian Havens
Risk Management Team Leader, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Before joining CIRMA in June 2016 as a member of the Risk Management department, Mr. Havens gained experience working in both the Claims and Actuarial departments of an international life and health insurance company. While at CIRMA, he has take a quantitative risk management approach in developing predictive analytic loss models to identify various potential risks and exposures. He is currently studying to acquire his Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation. Mr. Havens earned his Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from St. John’s University.

Samantha Trezza
Risk Management Consultant, CIRMA Risk Management Services

Before joining CIRMA in 2019 as a member of the Risk Management department, Ms. Trezza was a chair on the Risk Management Committee at Florida Atlantic University and also acted as the Marketing and Operations assistant and a collaborative space in Connecticut. While at CIRMA she is working to receive her Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation. Ms. Trezza has her Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University.