National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course

Learning Objectives

Hone your driving skills in this National Safety Council course. This four-hour training and education program is valuable for anyone operating a municipal or board of education vehicle. During this training, you will learn the benefits and techniques of defensive driving.

Emotions and risky driving attitudes contribute to accidents. You will learn to spot the common driving errors contributing to collisions and the driving skills and techniques that help prevent crashes and violations. Attendees will learn how to make safe and legal turns, evaluate and overcome the hazards of passing, and avoid a head-on collision. Learners will also acquire techniques they can use to maintain control in adverse driving situations.

If you would like to schedule a regional or member-only training program, please contact your Risk Management Consultant. Training is provided to CIRMA members only. 

Training and education program topics include:

  • How to think defensively when driving
  • Recognizing road hazards
  • Understanding driver habits and behaviors
  • Collision avoidance techniques
  • Common driving violations that result in accidents
  • Personal responsibility when driving
  • Your driving environment
  • Drugs and alcohol driving issues
  • Backing up safety

NOTE: Participants must bring their driver’s license or license number to the workshop–this is not a CDL or school bus driver course.

Additional CIRMA Defensive Driving Topics Available

Defensive Driving for Police

Defensive Driving for Fire and EMT Personnel


This training and education program is designed for:

  • Operators of cars, vans, minivans, pickups
  • Public Works employees
  • Parks & Recreation staff
  • Operators of school vehicles
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Volunteers who transport employees or students
  • Coaches
  • Pool car drivers
  • Home health aid workers